Entry Gate Instructions

Owners and tenants gain access by using clickers or swipe cards.

Gate operation and maintenance can be costly.  It is important to utilize these gates in the manner for which they were designed.  Please drive slowly when entering and exiting the gate.  Make sure the gate is fully opened before driving through.

Guests at the complex are asked to use the call box outside the gate to contact the resident they are visiting.  Locate the resident’s name in the call box, then push the call button to ring the desired unit.  The resident will answer his/her phone and press and hold the number 9.  There will be a long beep which means that the gate has opened.  Names will be listed in the call box in order of unit number.

Owners/Tenants:  Each unit can have two names and phone numbers saved in the call box.  If you have not already provided the management company with this information, then you should do so immediately.  Tenant-Resident info for Lewis Cos

Visitors, for you to gain access through the front entry gate, please look at the key pad and call the tenant.