Air Conditioner Filters:  The 2-bedroom units have one (1) A/C return air grill located in the hallway near the bathroom.  The loft units have two (2) A/C return air grills:  one is located on your main floor in the hallway near the bathroom and the other is located in the ceiling of the loft.  Please make sure to change out the filters on a regular basis.  The filter sizes are:  20″ x 20″ for 2-BR units;  20″ x 30″ and 12″ x 12″ for 3-BR units.

Bicycles:  Bicycles are to be stored inside your unit or in the bicycle racks provided at various locations throughout the property.  Please do not chain your bikes to trees, posts, etc., as they will be removed from the premises.

Dryer Vents:  Although we are very fortunate to have washers and dryers in each unit, IT IS IMPERATIVE that you take advantage of the association’s offer to clean out your dryer vents.  We periodically go through the entire complex and have the dryer vents (located on the outsides of the buildings) professionally cleaned by Dryer Vents Plus.  Of course, it is your responsibility to have your tenant(s) clean out the screen (in the actual dryer) after EACH dryer cycle.

Electric Entry Gate:  We do not give out “keypad” codes, but insist on access by using a provided swipe card and dial-up numbers to activate the entry gate.  Guests at the complex are asked to use the call box outside the gate to contact the resident they are visiting.  Locate the resident’s name in the call box, then push the call button to ring the desired unit.  The resident will answer his/her phone and press and hold the number 9.  There will be a long beep which means that the gate has opened.  Names will be listed in the call box in order of unit number.  There is a pedestrian gate located at the front of the complex for your use.  Please contact your unit owner/landlord for the private access code.  DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Electricity:  Electricity is provided by Entergy.  In case of an emergency, you can cut off the electricity to your condo by opening the breaker box that is located on the wall in the hallway right outside the guest bathroom.  The main breaker that powers your unit is located outside the condo along the brick walls between the unit front doors.  Please contact Entergy at (800) 368-3749 if you experience any outages, etc.

Garbage Pickup:  Our association has a contract with Republic Services for garbage pickup on Tuesdays and Fridays.  In our complex, there are two dumpsters for your convenience.  One is located to the right of the pool area in front of Building C.  The other dumpster is located at the front of the complex between buildings H & J.  No trash or trash containers are allowed to remain in the common areas beyond pick up days.  Over-sized items and furniture will not be picked up.  Questions regarding pick up or recycling should be directed to Republic Services at (225) 778-3800.

Grills:  Per the State Fire Marshal General Safety Requirements 10.11.6 Cooking Equipment: No hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose shall be used or kindled on any balcony, under any overhanging portion, or within 10 feet of any structure.  No hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking shall be stored on a balcony.  Electric grills that have no flame are acceptable.  Charcoal grills are prohibited. 3-bedroom (upstairs) units cannot use an open flame grill.  2-bedroom (downstairs) units can use an open flame grill as long as the grill is pulled at least 10 feet from the overhang.

Litter:  Please consider the appearance of our complex and do not litter the grounds. This includes cigarette/cigar remains. Fines will be assessed for violations per the condominium rules and regulations.

Mail:  The mailboxes are located in a cluster setting in front of the pool area.  Mail is delivered through the Southeast Post Office Branch, 4535 Bennington Avenue, (225) 925-5610.  Please do not leave your unwanted mail by the mailboxes. Mailbox keys may be obtained through the post office. Please note that the post office charges a fee for replacement keys.

Outdoor Light Fixtures:  If you ever need to replace your outdoor light fixtures, please go to and order the Seagull Brand, model no. 8720-15, for your front door (approx. $20) and the Seagull Brand, model no. 8753-15, for your backdoor patio/porch (approx. $21).

Parking:  Each unit has two (2) assigned parking spaces. All residents’ vehicle(s) are registered with our management company, Lewis Companies, and permanent GAB parking permit decals will be distributed to you upon move-in.  The decal should be placed on the front driver’s side windshield above the inspection sticker.

Pest Control:  The entire property is protected under an annual termite contract with Arrow Pest Control. All other pest control issues are the responsibility of the unit owner.  Owners can contact Lewis Companies for a copy of the contract.

Pets:   Pet owners are responsible for maintaining control of their pets at all times.  This includes all pets being on a leash when outside and picking up after your pet.  Several pet waste stations with disposable bags are provided on our property.   It is also prohibited to leave your pet tied or unattended.  NO PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL OR POOL AREA.  This will be strictly enforced.

Property Insurance:  Condominium insurance coverage, including building fixtures, is provided to our Condominium Association by American Capital Assurance Corp., (877) 274-8765.  Personal property, personal liability, and/or flood insurance is the responsibility of the unit owner.  Please remind your tenants that “renter’s insurance” is easy to obtain and the premiums are quite low.

Security Systems:  Even though all of the units have been pre-wired, the unit owner is responsible for activating and maintaining the alarm system.

Water:  Water and sewer services are provided by Baton Rouge Water Company and City of Baton Rouge.  Water and sewer fees are the responsibility of the Owner/Tenant.  In case of an emergency, you can cut off the water to your condo.  Each unit has its own water meter.  The valve is located at the front of your building near the parking spaces, below the hose bib.  Baton Rouge Water Company (225) 925-2011.